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Remove Watermark from Your Photos

Watermarks come with a range of issues. Watermarks trim the visible area of a photo and spoil the color balance the photographer was so careful to preserve. Watermarks take far too much enjoyment away from a photo. This tool takes away the guesswork on how to remove a watermark from pictures.

The Watermark Remover replaces the text overlay with a automatically generated background. The program digitally stitches the background into the existing image. The product is a picture that boasts the full color and story of an unobstructed view.


remove date time stamps from photo

Timestamps are still used to verify the date and time at which a picture was taken. This is important for journalism and other professional media industries where film stock is still in use. It is less common for a digital camera to place a timestamp on a picture since the information is stored on the data file. The program uses a complex series of mathematical instructions to guess the colors the mark obstructs.

However, the digital watermarks are hard to remove, and they form an obvious obstruction to the story in the image. The watermark removal tool will remove this blemish. Previously, this was a labor-intensive task. In the past, expensive programs and a lot of patience was needed to copy and paste small segments of neighboring images to fill in the holes.


watermark remover batch mode

Watermark Remover does this with perfect results and far faster than any manual process. What makes it even better is that the program can perform this on batch files or even videos. The user sets the area where the watermark is and the files to be cleansed. The Watermark Remover’s preview window shows any improvements to the picture. A quick click and the algorithms improve the photo, allowing you the time to go out to take more photos. Download Now


remove people from photo

A face gives a picture depth and intrigue; many faces clutter a background scene. How many times have you walked around a romantic or historic town cluttered with tourists? There is not enough light first thing in the morning. The best time to take a town-photo is midday when everyone is out in the streets looking for food.

The watermark removal tool can remove all the crowds from the forefront. What you are left with is a picture that will show the true unpopulated beauty of the area. A far easier prospect than cordoning off a whole street.


remove eyeshores from photo

Technology has advanced with photography, giving us the chance to make exceptional pictures on a limited budget. These same advancements bring with them powerlines that fill the skyline, making that perfect shot harder to pull-off. Transmission towers and roads, polluting an otherwise immaculate scene. After walking miles into the mountains to find the perfect scenic shot, you see a powerline cutting through your field of view.

The watermark removal tools will erase the tower and any inclusive obstructions, to leave a clean-looking photo. There is no longer the need to change vantage or keep walking to the ends of the Earth. With the tool, you can take the picture knowing that any eyesores are a minor inconvenience.

Pops and Scratches

restore old photos

The watermark removal tool will clean up and fill pops and scratches with incredible intuition. The tool will clean up any image with near-instant results with the ability of a professional restorer. To preserve old photos, digitizing them is a sure way to keep them at hand for future generations.

It is rare that an old black and white photograph is in perfect condition. Fold-marks, scratches, and the basic degradation of a photo are simple issues to fix. Watermark Remover fixes all these issues and more, restoring an old photo to a modern level of reproduction.

Spots and Cracks

remove skin imperections

Profile and portrait photos are another sensitive area. The subject in the photo will need to keep the natural look, especially for passport photographs. The shape and color of someone’s skin, along with their hairline, need to be left unaltered. Pimples, creases, and dimples can all go. The watermark removal tool smooths out the skins and adjusts for blemishes, leaving a photo that will not need reshooting.

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If you would like to use the watermarked photo, first you need to do is to check the owner's website License or Terms of Use to see if that photo allows this type of usage. If the owner's website does not have an online permission or if you have not purchased permission to use this artwork, we do not recommend to use it, even if it is for personal use only. If a photographer took the photo, then you are definitely need to ask photographer or size owner permission to use it.
Sometimes you need to remove a watermark from your own photos. For example if you turned on date stamping function of your digital camera. Or you downloaded your own photos from third parity website who placed a watermark on them. In this cases removing it is absolutely legal.
Sure, you can use Remove Logo Now!. It will automatically process your videos to detect and remove many types of watermark. Remove Logo Now! will successfully clean up your videos from any types of watermarks (channel logo, subtitles, etc).
To remove watermark:
  1. Select the Clone Stamp Tool (you may press S key)
  2. Hold the Alt key and click the area near the watermark to select the area to clone
  3. Drag cursor over watermark to clone selected area
The alternate way is to use Conent aware filling. Just select the watermark using any selection tool available in Photoshop then click the Del key and chose content aware as filling type.
You can use any Online Watermark Remover - just google to find any of them. If you need to process only one photo, free online tool might be a right choise for you. But offline software like Photo Stamp Remover can do job better and have a lot of extended functions.

Reviews & Feedback

v3 award


This is a simple way to remove unwanted objects from a photo. It is easy to clean up some photos that still have date stamps on them.



With an extraordinary perfomance and accuracy, this product is an incredible method to get rid of watermark. Works great for all types of watermarks.


Joel Nedwing

Overall, I give the watermark remover a 10. I got 4 out of 4 perfect results on different tasks, effortlessly without a problem or disappointment. I'm sure there will be photos that will not work, but for those that do it is fast, easy and visually perfect. Less than a 5 minute learning curve.

Remove watermark, people, date stamps and other unwanted objects from your photos

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