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How to use Video Watermark Remover

Removing watermarks from videos is such a chore unless you have a full feature video watermark remover at your disposal. Here’s the best software for the job.

Remove watermark from video

Watermarks are associated with copyrights intended to prove your ownership of an image or video. While you can’t remove watermarks from digital properties that you don’t own, you can very well remove them from yours. This is why every professional photo or video editor should know how to properly remove watermarks from video clips.

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Why does someone needs to remove watermarks from videos?

There are many reasons why one might need to remove video watermarks. The most common reason is that the image doesn’t look good or sit well with the user. But then, many people confuse watermark with copyright and may think that doing so is illegal although the two are not necessarily the same.

Watermarks are simply images placed on videos or images to signify ownership. However, it doesn’t always mean that watermarked videos are protected by copyright. While a majority of them are, there are many free-to-use-and-share videos out there with watermarks.

If you personally own the video and you want to change the logos or texts on it, then using a tool to delete watermarks from that video is going to be very useful. The same is true for purchased videos with watermarks in which you’re allowed to add your own.

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Easy to use Video Watermark Remover

Remove Logo Now is a desktop tool that effectively removes watermark from videos. Made by SoftOrbits, this watermark remover for videos can also erase unwanted text overlays and subtitles. The tool uses a smart and powerful Inpainting algorithm that analyzes the video fully to locate and remove all static overlays.

video watermark remover tool Remove Logo Now works on Windows computers and supports AVI, MP4, MOV, MP2, M1V, SVCD, FLV, DVD, M2V, 3GP, WMV, MKV, and RM10 formats. This watermark video remover tool works very well as it doesn’t create any distortion in the video. It also employs different methods to best remove texts and logos from videos.

video file formats

Remove watermarks from video easily

To remove watermark from videos easily, simply follow the steps below. These steps are applicable to most software but are generally used for SoftOrbit’s Remove Logo Now.

Automatically detect video watermarks

Remove Logo Now will automatically detect the watermarks on the video the moment you add it into the software. Its intelligent system makes it simpler for video editors to get things done, even without acquiring the necessary skillset.

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Video watermark removal in a batch mode

With Remove Logo Now, users can erase watermarks in a single or several video files. Users may add multiple videos at a time and the software will work on them in batches. This is a feature that other similar software doesn’t have.

remove watermark from videos in batch mode

Save video watermark for future use

Saving the removed video watermark is also possible in case you might want to use them again in the future. This makes it easier for video editors to change watermarks for different purposes and as they deem fit.

save the watermark logo mask

Remove video watermarks that appear only for several seconds

If you only need to remove video watermarks that appear only for a few seconds, Remove Logo Now is a good choice. This software can be used to automatically remove watermark video clips of various sizes and lengths.

remove watermark that appears

Removing video watermark keeping video quality

One of the best features of the Remove Logo Now is its ability to remove watermarks from video without affecting its quality. This is where its powerful and intelligent Inpainting algorithm comes in. It creates an output that is nothing less than professional, even for novice video editors.

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Why Remove Logo Now Video Watermark Remover is the best?

In summary, all of the steps above include the feature of a good video watermark removal software and they are all present in Remove Logo Now. Here again are the list of the best watermark video removal tool that you should consider.


When choosing a watermark removal tool, be sure that you consider functionality along with convenience. While there is a lot of free online video watermark removal software available these days, none of them can match the features embedded on the desktop software.

Online tools are good for quick jobs, but desktop software is for video editors that want nothing less than a professional output. Be sure to check all the features of the software first before downloading it to make certain that it works exactly how you intended it.

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User Testimonials


Remove Logo Now is a great video watermark remove software to use. I think that it’s too good that no other software matches it. It is easy to use and understand, making ideal for both newbies and professionals.


I tried the software out of a friend’s recommendation, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s an upgrade of what I’m currently using, which can only remove watermarks from images. With Remove Logo Now, removing watermarks from videos is a breeze.


I’ve been using Remove Logo Now for years now, and I’m still impressed by it. It works automatically, which how I want it, and it has all the features that I need. It’s a great tool for a professional video editor like me.

Is it Legal to remove a watermark from videos?

Media and video owners take risks when showcasing their masterpieces on the internet. Videos can be easily stolen. It is a nightmare to find their work in places they did not warrant or receive payment for. Understandably, many video owners have opted to watermark their videos online to curb theft of their videos. However, watermarking is neither copyright nor a substitute for legitimately obtaining copyright protection from the US Copyright Office.

Remove watermark from video online

remove watermark from video

There are many ways to remove watermarks from videos and doing it online is one of the most popular methods used. However, there are a lot of known limitations when you choose to remove video watermark online. Videos are very big files, and it can be very difficult to upload and download them online.

Aside from size constraints, there’s also time and internet speed considerations when you use an online video watermark remover. This is why most professionals prefer using a PC or desktop software for the job. The output is achieved much faster than choosing to remove logos from videos online.

While you may also remove the watermark from mp4 video online for free, nothing beats the functionality of desktop software. The added features of such a software simplify the process and can do more than what a free video watermark remover can.

Even so, a free video watermark removal tool remains to be very useful for small files and quick editing jobs. Here are a few good selections such software available online:

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Apowersoft’s Online Video Watermark Remover

apowersoft online video watermark remover Apowersoft is a popular desktop photo and video editing software that also has a free video watermark removal tool. Users have the option to download the app or simply upload the watermarked video on their site. Supported formats are MP4, MKV, and MOV, among others.

Video Watermark Remover Online

video watermark remover online Here is a publisher description: "Video Watermark Remover Online is also a good tool to use to get rid of unnecessary texts, images, and logos on your videos. This tool is very easy to use since it is fully automated. Simply upload the video file to be edited and wait for the tool to finish doing its job.". But WARING! we was not able to test this website. After uploading the video nothing is happens. Possibly this is scam website.

Video Watermark Remover

video watermark remover Here is a publisher description: "Video Watermark Remover is an online tool that can erase text overlays and logos from videos. It removes watermarks smoothly through a simple drag-and-drop action. It also saves the edited video file in the same format.". But WARING! we was not able to test this website. After uploading the video nothing is happens. Possibly this is scam website.

So... Simetimes Online Video Watermark Removers do NOT work!

Remove watermark, lggos and any text from your videos

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